Definitive and Objective Financial Advice

My Investment Plan is not mandated by any parent financial institution or insurance company, therefore is not obligated to recommend any associated financial products and solutions.

Financial Advice

We offer a broad based yet focused portfolio of investment products and services.

Taking the time to listen and understand your financial goals and risk appetite, we tailor a customised investment approach specific to your circumstance.

Working closely with you, combined with a robust and prudent financial roadmap, this is the engine that drives our clients’ success.

Wealth Accumulation

Crafting a clear strategic blueprint with a comprehensive clear path with goal oriented solutions based off your individual situation is delivered to maximise wealth accumulation for you. Objective thinking about investing and addressing issues, opportunities, hopes and challenges inherent to you is fundamental in our due diligence to create, protect and ultimately transfer wealth to your beneficiaries leaving a legacy.

Wealth Protection

We are conscientious in the administration, implementation, oversight and verification of your wealth protection strategies for your peace of mind. Our financial contingency incorporates proactive counsel to manage risk at every stage of your personal and professional life to safe guard your financial security.

Estate Planning

A well thought out estate plan is critical to protect and transition your wealth to the next generation.

Estate planning will allow you to be remembered the way you want. To leave a legacy to the ones you love reflects your wishes and gives purpose to what you have accomplished in your life. Without estate planning, this likely will not happen. Having a Will is one of the cornerstones of financial and estate planning.

Seminars & Workshops

My Investment Plan continues to advocate financial education with public seminars on current topics of interest and updated legislation. We realise financial education can sometimes be a dry subject riddled with complexity. We design interactive seminars with light hearted materials from quizzes to practical real life simulations to present complex financial aspects in a simple visual manner.

Ongoing Education

At My Investment Plan, we encourage financial literacy, financial education and financial capability for everyone. Our financial knowledge centre is a tool to achieve financial literacy through financial education which is essential to both consumer protection and to your final financial capability.