Staying financially well during holiday season

The holiday season can be a fun time spent with friends and family, gifts, celebrations and sometimes a little overindulgence in food and drink. The holidays aren't so bright however when finances are tight leading to unwelcome stress.   Here…

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Financial mindsets of the super wealthy

Our decisions can be influenced by numerous factors, such as past experiences and our inherent values on financial matters. One piece of information that we may collect, whether consciously or unconsciously, is the financial attitudes and behaviours of others around…

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7 things to consider before you renovate

Wealth accumulation can be as simple as putting aside money each week into a high-interest savings account, paying down your debts, or building a diversified investment portfolio inside or outside of superannuation. Does the family home also come into mind…

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The pitfalls of DIY Will kits

According to recent research, approximately 45% of Australians* pass away without a will, or ‘intestate'. The word intestate is derived from the Latin word intestatus meaning a person who passes away without a will. Intestacy may result in inconvenience, delay, and expense during a difficult time…

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Will checklist

- Have you determined who your beneficiaries are? - Have you considered all of your dependants, including spouse(s), children and so on? - Have you determined what dependents or beneficiaries to receive of your estate? - Have you appointed an appropriate…

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Life event: Claims process for personal insurance

  A recent review conducted by ASIC of 15 life insurers’* personal insurance claims data in 2015/16 found that approximately 90% of claims were paid in the first instance and roughly $8.2 billion in net policy payments were made. But what was actually…

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