At My Investment Plan, we encourage financial literacy, financial education and financial capability for everyone. Our financial knowledge centre is a tool to achieve financial literacy through financial education which is essential to both consumer protection and to your final financial capability.

We realise the financial industry is full of jargon and concepts that can be over whelming, this financial resource centre introduces you to good money management practices and the ability to make wise monetary decisions with respect to earning, spending, saving, borrowing and investing. We aim to help you understand the fundamentals of money management with concise thorough articles, thought provoking examples that can help you build and broaden your understanding of financial options and principles.

This financial knowledge centre is easy to navigate, comprehensive and great for researching for basic information at your own pace. It is properly designed and tailored to specific context how financial instruments formal and informal can address your daily financial concerns. The value lies in its content where is it relevant to anyone and everyone, more important the use of the information to hone your ability to make informed judgements, plan for the future and manage challenges associated with life events coupled with our financial advice.

Our objective is to empower you with financial literacy, financial education and financial capability to increase your confidence and peace of mind while decreasing stress around money management matters and decisions. We aim to shift everyone from reactive to proactive decision making to work towards fulfilling your financial goals for a brilliant life.

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