My Investment Plan continues to advocate financial education with public seminars on current topics of interest and updated legislation.

We realise financial education can sometimes be a dry subject riddled with complexity.

We design interactive seminars with light hearted materials from quizzes to practical real life simulations to present complex financial aspects in a simple visual manner.

These monthly seminars and workshops are conducted in an informal, interactive and comfortable environment for people to come together to meet other individuals for the discussion, to explore topics of interest in depth and gain clarity on any financial misunderstanding you may have.  learning financial inclusion. Further to this, you get to learn from other people’s experience and gain perspective you might not have otherwise considered.

The financial inclusion nature of these seminars and workshops regularly collaborates with subject matter experts in both commercial and professional organisations in the Legal, Accounting, Property and Fund Management industry to facilitate effective financial education across age, groups and genders with a wide audience appeal. It is a great way to improve financial knowledge or be introduced to a specific new topic and share ideas which will advance your thinking and financial capability in a meaningful and practical way for your daily financial concerns.

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