Richard Tran:

Kit Wong is a standout financial adviser and coach. Her depth of knowledge on a range of investment strategies as well as the Financial Planning industry are outstanding. She is highly client focused, offering insightful advice that are both relevant and useful to the individual needs of a client. Kit was engaged to assist with financial planning and investment strategies to achieve long term financial goals. What attracted me to Kit was her reputation and expertise in property investment strategies. As a property investor myself, I was immediately struck by her passion, depth of knowledge and experience with a diverse range of topics and strategies relating to property investments. Her attention to detail and quality of advice has given me confidence that she is the right person to help me achieve my goals. She is without doubt a pre-eminent financial coach if you want to achieve financial goals using property as a vehicle.

Ian Lyons:

I have known Kit for over 10 years. I hired her back in her technology days. Then and today, Kit is an absolute professional and did a superb job for me. When she moved in to finance I was looking for someone to help me that I could trust and I knew would act with integrity and professionalism. I can not recommend Kit highly enough. She has set up my financial structure and has provided great advice and service.

Olga Piscioneri:

I have known Kit for nearly 10 years and used her services both in Financial Planning and Mortgage Broker, plus attending her regular seminars which are excellent and highly informative. If you are looking at buying property or need financial advice, Kit not only has the knowledge, but she explains it in language that everyone can understand. What I admire about Kit is her honesty. She is genuinely helpful and will tell you upfront if she can assist and if not will advise you on best process for you. Kit, you are a rarity in the industry!

Joseph Soh:

Kit Wong is an exceptional individual whom I have known personally and professionally. She has demonstrated high level of competence and professionalism in providing sound and candid financial advice, always looking to the best interest of her clients. Her passion and enthusiasm is highly commendable and is often complemented by her strong affinity to think out of the box for creative solution. I trust Kit for her strong sense of integrity and would highly recommend her services.

Kelvin Lee:

Kit is practical, dependable and goes at a pace that is comfortable for the customer. Using a variety of methods and illustrations, she made it easy for us to see the areas we had already provided for and highlighted the parts we needed to work on. While she was already using simple language and layman terms, she was not adverse to further illustrating with pictures and flowcharts in the process of educating us. We had approached her to assist with our property investment portfolio and were impressed with her knowledge of the property market and the various investment options available. She was friendly, approachable and took pains to ensure that her answers to the simplest questions were understood. Kit also helped us see the possible outcomes of our choices and provided suggestions on the best course of action whenever we needed more options. For questions that were outside her field of expertise, Kit made the connection to the relevant subject expert for the knowledge or clarification required. As our financial adviser and planner, we find Kit to be trustworthy and ensures that her team follows through with the proposals offered. Her experience and success with her own portfolio was key to our choice and we highly recommended Kit to our friends and contacts to consider a chat with her regarding their financial and property investment options.

Jennifer Lipert:

I was very fortunate to be introduced to My Investment Plan.  The adviser was very knowledgeable, honest and reliable. They have been thoughtful and insightful with regard to my needs. Importantly they understand current market conditions and sentiment and are able to articulate what that means to my situation in a clear and concise manner. They have a pro-active approach to financial planning and have already put me in a much stronger position. With the help and advice I have received, I hope to build upon this foundation so that my future is financially secure. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending My Investment Plan to any friends or colleagues.